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 ・The 1961st grader is rare. It has the mission to the earth revival, and ..18-years old.. ..priest.. ..gain.. level (the Soto sect).

(It flies to the traffic accident and the car, and the message is received by gold letters ..coma.. meanwhile on the circle the first, and aim at the Buddhism at this time in the third grade of high-school. )

・Master of Arts to major in Buddhism study in university and graduate school.  (Investigate widely from a new religion to the tradition Buddhism exceeding the sect. )
・Fortune-telling sutra and others fortune-telling Urana system sutra group is investigated and the wind water, study of the color, four pillar O life, and the name onomancy are investigated reading extensively and since then. The judge exceeds 2000. ・It searches for various treatments for "The way it should be" original as homeopathy, remedy the color, and remote remedy. The mind and the body are sent in total and the concern has been sent to the treated alternative medicine. The point of contact of spiritual world and the science is pursued from both sides of the thing and the mind. Only love becomes wavelength of sound color, it is assumed that it is a base at the earth beginning of the world, and investigates all the environments and the interrelations with the exemption system.
It is assumed, "There is a geometry figure in the top of the material field", and constructs the wave motion theory of the figure and the color as "Wave motion geometrical theory" in 1988. The result of the research achieves an effect by various product development at the time of the symbol beginning and design and designs, etc.The  an environmental immunology society chairman, KMK representative director Ltd., a head of SAS General Institute, STS global environment revival member, a member of Invention Society, a color therapist form coordinator, the member of the sensibility pedagogy association, and the West crest society member at present through the priest, the researcher, and the teacher of the high school. Thesis and "Han theory of Den saint the S", "Belief in initial Japanese Tendai", "Shi Kamekawa", and "Hospital reform that starts from department of psychosomatic medicine", etc.Book and "Tendai saint complete volume" It is related to the edit of five volume (Nakayama bookstore Cahayashi) compilation participation, "Soul restoration" Beppu education historical materials Cancan, "Yano document" Beppu education historical materials Cancan, " Biography Abe" (heaven river publication), and other business system human resources development book.





 経 歴

・ 1961年生まれ。18歳にて出家得度 (禅宗)。 大学・大学院にて仏教学を専攻、文学修士。

・ 僧侶・研究員・高校教員(社会科)・秘書などをへて、現在、・環境免疫学研究会会長 ・株式会社KMK代表取締役・SAS総合研究所 所長・別府教育史料館 主宰・発明学会会員・感性教育学会会員・西洋紋章研究会会員。(社)日本ネイチャーゲー ム協会認定リーダー・NPO法人 自然体験活動推進協議会(CONE) 自然体験活動リーダー ・日本メディカルアロマテラピー協会会員。ISO品質マネジメントシステム審査員

・現在、音・色・形と、地球環境と免役系との相互関係を考究。・ 「物質界の頂点に幾何図形がある」とし、1988年、図形と色彩との波動理論を「波動幾何学論」として構築。 研究成果は、シンボルマークはじめ商品開発・各種デザイン・設計等にて効果を上げている。

論文に ・「伝教大師最澄の教判論」・「初期日本天台における弥勒信仰」・「亀川史考」 ・「心療内科より始まる病院改革」 「表札の原理」など。著書に  ・「霊性維新」 別府教育史料館 刊 ・「矢野文書」 別府教育史料館 刊 ・「伝記 安部巌」 (天河出版)  、その他ビジネス系人材育成書の編集に係わる。


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・過去の出版資料(『別府市教育資料』100巻 孔版 ・『豊後国近世地方資料』70巻 孔版 ・『写真集別府』国書刊行会発行 ・『別府温泉湯治場大辞典』創思社出版 ・『護生院文書』孔版 ・『矢野文書』孔版 ・『別府歴史年表』 ・『別府歴史地図総覧』

( 以上、創立者 安部巌の著)


          別府温泉湯治場大辞典』創思社出版           『別府歴史地図総覧』               『写真集別府』国書刊行会発行 






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